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Autism and Mental Health

Dear brothers, sisters and parents,

We thank you and appreciate you for sharing your medical treatment experience given by Manushyaa Blossom MultiSpeciality Siddha Clinic. Your testimony information will be helpful for persons suffering from similar conditions / illness, students for academic research purposes and publications in scientific journal and magazines.

  • Patient’s Name: Selva Nemisha.S
  • Parent’s name (for children): Geethangilli Selvanathan
  • Age and Gender: 6 Years, Female
  • Place: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Attention Seeking Hyperactive-ADHD, Bone & Muscular issues,

Improvement after treatment: We took 5 doses-mandalams of medication with 2 months interval time, we have found drastic improvements on her all 3 levels physical - running, not hitting on walls, not falling down after medication mental - her aggressiveness, hyper, improved by 70% after medication Social - her IQ, Memory, socializing skills are much sharper and better after a set of medicine she never use to be at school or away from mom till 6yrs. Now she is in a setup for about 5hrs in a day without parents. great relief we found step by step after each dose, for us in handling her so I gained confidence in the natural Medicines of Manushyaa we are very much satisfied and happy to continue till we reach our goal. Thanks to the team in response and follow up, delivery and mode of payments are very much adaptive and easier to follow. thanks for the Dr. to given our life back through our child.

Patient’s Suggestions: we need to still individually see the progress and fill the bridge gap on every child if required. matter of months medication is nothing when compared to the struggles and pain we undergo when handling practically, from my own experiences.

  • Patient’s Name: Anuradha
  • Parent’s name (for children): Nandini
  • Age and Gender: 11 Years, Female
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the age of 4 yrs and autism at the age of 6 Issues: Delay in speech and response. Sleep disorder - short span of sleep Slow and delayed response to any external stimuli and absolute no communication due to speech issues. Public behaviour impaired due to the delay in communication and learning disabiiity

Improvement after treatment: 1. First dose of medicine calmed her in a couple of days and she started sleeping long during the night time. So I was able to schedule her other works 2. As she calmed and started sleeping well, she was able to control her behaviour and tantrums in public 3. She started using words for her needs instead of actions in 2 months gradually -like water, bathroom etc 4. The growth and improvement was so progressive and everyone could notice her improvement in all possible occasions 5. After the 3 courses, she started talking 2 words and statements whole for her needs 6. She started realising that she can and she has to take care of her cleaning tasks 7. She is able to focus on things and is able to write letters now 8. Her sensory issues have also subdued and she allows to apply oil, comb hair and cut her nails as well

Patient’s Suggestions: Extremely grateful to the doctor for the medicine and healing it has cause in the kid. The improvement she has got in the few months of medicine reminded me that God comes to our help through such divine people.

  • Patient’s Name: POORAN MAL DHAKAR
  • Parent’s name (for children): Manish Dhakar
  • Age and Gender: 18 Years, Male
  • Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Intellectual disability, moderate

Improvement after treatment: 1. Significant improvement in eye contact. 2. Significant improvement in speech, and verbal communication. But no improvement has been observed in hyper activities and hand flapping.

Patient’s Suggestions: Further research is needed in Siddha medicines to improve the cognitive behaviour of Children who have been suffering from mental illness. I appreciate the selfless service of Manushyaa Blossom for improvement in life of intellectual disabled children.

  • Patient’s Name: Atiksh
  • Parent’s name (for children): Srikath
  • Age and Gender: 7 Years, Male
  • Place: Hyderabad, Telangana

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Silent seizures Delay in milestone, delay in speech Attention deficit hyper activity

Improvement after treatment: Learning capability has increased, Started talking, Concentration and sitting tolerance has increased.

Patient’s Suggestions: Would recommend highly to use siddha medicine for over all development

  • Patient’s Name: Pawan saadhvik .s.s
  • Parent’s name (for children): Sai kolappan.p, Selva kumari.s
  • Age and Gender: 3.5 Years, Male
  • Place: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Poor eye contact, speech delay,poor communication,hyper activeness,can't express his daily needs,self taking,dress alargy

Improvement after treatment: After the two segments of machine he has better eye contact and understanding the parents comments we are waiting the third segment of medicine

Patient’s Suggestions: In my personal opinion manushyaa blossom siddha medicines are really give a better result and thank you doctor's and all team we are waiting for next segment medicine for the speech delay, communication problems and hyper activness

  • Patient’s Name: S.Amrik singh
  • Parent’s name (for children): S Dalbeer Singh
  • Age and Gender: 10 Years, Male
  • Place: Hyderabad, Telangana

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Mild Autism and Mild ADHD and a bit aggressive

Improvement after treatment: Aggressiveness is reduced a bit and we could see some behaviour change

Patient’s Suggestions: You should have some physical exercise/activity videos also which will really help the patient to recover

  • Patient’s Name: D.S.Karthicvasan
  • Parent’s name (for children): Sangamithra Dinesh
  • Age and Gender: Male
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: ASD WITH DEVELOPMENT DELAY

Improvement after treatment: My son DS Karthicvasan was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 years 8 months old and we were horrified to know that. In the beginning, we gave him occupational and speech therapy. We approached several other therapists for the next 1 year with No positive answers. Meanwhile, my son had started uttering a few words like amma, appa etc. As a last resort We were introduced to Shri,Kaviarasu, Manushyaa Blossom through one of our relatives. During our first visit, my son’s acumen was like a 6 months old baby. He was the first person who gave us the hope which wasn’t given by any other therapist. He prescribed some medicines for my son. Surprisingly, on 35th day of medication we could clearly see improvements in his speech. "Believe in Miracles?" Yes, We did after 1.5 years of suffering. Once after 100 days of medication we found that his ability to understand has improved very much in order to promptly follow instructions and functional speech. Echolalia was well under control. At 4 years 6 months, my son's IQ test score was 110 who posses high intellect with interrogative skills. Now my son is 6 years old and is studying in a normal school. We are grateful and happy now which is only because of Manushyaa Blossom. We sincerely Thank you and “Manushya blossoms” for lighting up our life.

Patient’s Suggestions: Parents, who suffer with their children defect please go-ahead with the medicine. Believe in miracles will happen in your life too.

  • Patient’s Name: Advik Dhage
  • Parent’s name (for children): Manoj Dhage
  • Age and Gender: 2.5 Years, Male
  • Place: Pune, Maharashtra

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Not responding to his name Not following instructions Not able to speak

Improvement after treatment: We have just started 2nd Mandal Observing progress about his understanding the things (He is trying to speak the words/asked for some things like water and some food)

Patient’s Suggestions: 1) How many mandals we have to take? 2) It will be great if you will arrange parents meet (online) to know progress of the their respective kid and can exchange experiences by which other parents can motivated and implement some good things after this interactive session.

  • Patient’s Name: Shashi Kiran
  • Parent’s name (for children): M SHASHI KIRAN
  • Age and Gender: 5 Years, Female
  • Place: Keesara, Telangana

Medical issues / Diagnosis: NAt the age of 14 months got high fever and fits, admitted in ICU, after that speech dissapearred, till now no speech, became hyper active, hand flapping( we observed hand flapping before she got fits, that is from when she is 7 or 8 months old), when we consulted neurologist, and EEG test done on July 2019, we came to know that (EEG REPORT IMPESSION: EEG findings are suggestive of Left Hemispherical( Fronto - Central, Parietal and Temporal) Epileptogenic Focus). And suggested medicine LEVIPIL SYRUP 3mL per day, and also Dr. told us at that time that, no speech therapy or Occupational therapy is needed, only this medicine is enough, she can speak. We used the medicine regularly for 21 months upto March 2021, but no improvement in speech, the improvement is almost zero, again we got EEG test done on March 2021,(EEG Report impression: The EEG findings are suggestive of Left fronto-temporal(F3 & T3) focus). And also TSH :6.605(normal range 0.7 to 6.4), little higher, this time neurologist increases the LEVIPIL dose from 3mL to 5mL, and also suggested to take Thyronorm 12.5mcg, and told us that the seizers reduced by 50%, and remaining 50% are present in the part of the brain, from where we will get the speech, and now she suggested to take speech therapy, till now no much improvement in speech, in the month of April 2021, we consulted Doctor, and sent all reports, on his suggestion we didn't start Thyronorm tablet, and also reduced LEVIPIL dose from 5mL to 4mL, and started siddha medicines from 20 April 2021, we completed 2 courses of 50 days on 13 August 2021.

Improvement after treatment: Almost there is no improvement in her speech or less than 1% improvement in speech, no reduction in hand flapping or hyper activity, and spinning, also no improvement in sitting tolerance and concentration, puts everything in her mouth, many a times her hand, so she frequently gets stomach infection and loose motions, many times she swallow the food without chewing properly, and it will come out in motion as it is, poor digestion.

The improvement we observed is, her understanding, she is understanding what we say, much better than earlier, and also she is trying to imitate our daily routine works, much better than earlier, and sometimes she will speak gibberishly in her own language.

And one important improvement is, today on 12th August, we again get tested her blood sample for TSH, the report suggests the TSH value 3.0, without thyronorm the tsh reduced from 6.6(march 2021) to 3.0(August 2021).

Patient’s Suggestions: On 13th August, she will complete her 5 years, we are much interested in speech

  • Patient’s Name: M. Ananya lakshmi
  • Parent’s name (for children): R. J. Manikandan
  • Age and Gender: 19 Years, Female
  • Place: Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Cerebral palacy

Improvement after treatment: Active in responding, speech has improved, joint tightness has relaxed a little, better digestion.

Patient’s Suggestions: Loss of weight, food intake has not improved, no improvement in overall stiffness, sudden shivering of legs rarely

  • Patient’s Name: D Krishns Vikram
  • Parent’s name (for children): Arunmayee
  • Age and Gender: 12 Years, Male
  • Place: Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Medical issues / Diagnosis: ADHD, Aasthma

Improvement after treatment: Aasthma is controlled. There is a weight gain since the treatment started. ADHD behaviours are in control for few days . But my son is not willing to take the medicine any more. We have used 2 cycles of medicine regualrly. The 3rd cycle medicine is still unused . he takes it very irregulalry. He is still adamant and defiant. Does not listen to anyone. Not interested in studies.

Patient’s Suggestions: We are trying everything that is there to treat ADHD conditions. This was the first thing that showed some change in him. I wish he can continue the medicine. Behaviour changes are very minute.

  • Patient’s Name: Dhruv
  • Parent’s name (for children): Vijay Kumar
  • Age and Gender: 35 months, Male
  • Place: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Sensory issues, Speech Delay

Improvement after treatment: We evidently seen the improvement in him , before Medications he will not get appetite and can’t sleep , so much hyped!! We tried allopathy also for this but he gets addicted to that medicine but thankfully we got through this , main part is this has no side effects with lot of beneficiaries!

Patient’s Suggestions: I would highly recommend this to other parents , doctors are so co operative !! There is no suggestions from my side !

  • Patient’s Name: Ankit Ranjan
  • Parent’s name (for children): Vaibhav Garg
  • Age and Gender: 8 Years, Male
  • Place: Delhi

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Hyperactivity, behavioural and communication challenges and intelligent decision making shortcomings, slow learner

Improvement after treatment: My son has shown tremendous improvement in all the listed parameters - Hyperactivity, behavioural and communication and learning abilities during the last three years when I began this medication. I have been in regular touch with Manushyaa Blossom and have been following his guidance to its minutest details. As other system of medicines do not specify any particular line of treatment for these medical challenges, apart of occupation therapy, the Siddha medicine has been of tremendous help to us. Let me tell you my personal experience. First, it needs a lot of patience and persistence on the part of parents because these are neurological and cerebral challenges and needs its own time to heal (depending on the severity of the issue). Secondly and most importantly you need to have faith in the system of medicine you are following. Thirdly, you need to continuously pursue and share your feedbacks with the doctor who is treating your child. Children show different behavioural challenges from time to time and need to be treated accordingly. At times, there are relapses as well which you need to note down and try to find out factors which could possibly have triggered it. It has been a very tough road for us but our faith and persistence and the grace of Lord Shiva have helped us in sailing it through. It’s a wonderful system of medicine which Shri Kavi has given precious years of his life to. Please benefit from it and bless your child. Thank you!

Patient’s Suggestions: More periodic assessment

  • Patient’s Name: M.SHRUTHIKA
  • Parent’s name (for children): M SHASHI KIRAN
  • Age and Gender: 5 Years, Female
  • Place: Keesara

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Silent seizures,delay in speech (almost no speech), delay in milestones,& thyroid problem.

Improvement after treatment: After taking 2 mandalas (50 days each), understanding improved, doing some routine work by her own, TSH value become normal(from 6.67 to 3.00). But no much improvementin speech, hyper activity, hand flapping & concentration.

Patient’s Suggestions: Would recommend highly to use siddha medicine for over all development

  • Patient’s Name: Ganesh Maddali
  • Parent’s name (for children): Venkat Maddali
  • Age and Gender: 12 Years, Male
  • Place:

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Speech and learning difficulties - under autism spectrum

Improvement after treatment: Ganesh has been improving from speech perspective. He has been saying regularly below sentences o Good work, o Awesome o Could you please give me….? Could you please help me…? o Ganesh and mum sitting or playing or sleeping etc. or Ganesh and ma stay home etc. o Lets go to count down shopping. Or lets go to shopping o He always says Amritasanjeevini as “yek, stinky milk” o I got you o Have a nice day Dad ( he said once) • Attention seeking has improved with his mom. He always calls her. • Mum question after school pick. o Mom: What did you do in school? o Ganesh Answer: Playground, drawing, eat and happy. Today he has mentioned build castle without even question from his mum. He has also mentioned brown colour castle. So something new experience • His kids story reading somewhat improved. • He says his school name as “Hutt Intermediate School”, Everyday morning he says “ Its time to go to school” • Some of his word pronunciations have improved.

Patient’s Suggestions: • He is not interested in learning subjects, he says no and I am not pushing him hard. • His social interaction with adults has improved, but not with his age group or children. • He is far behind compared with his age group

  • Patient’s Name: Arjun.s
  • Parent’s name (for children): Roopa sunilraj
  • Age and Gender: 4 years 6 months, Female
  • Place: Bangalore, Karnataka

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Spectrum

Improvement after treatment: Improvement in Eye contact

Patient’s Suggestions: Before this treatment eye contact was poor. Today is the 45h day of the medicine. I noticed eye contact became better after taking the medicine for 15 days. From 20 days to till now I didn't notice any change. But after applying the oil I noticed he will be little calm for the entire day.

  • Patient’s Name: Aahan
  • Parent’s name (for children): Namrata
  • Age and Gender: 10 years, Male
  • Place: Dubai

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Improvement after treatment: Child is more aware, slight improvement noticed in observation. Happy with the medicines

Patient’s Suggestions: Along with cognitive gains, please also give medicine to improve guts

  • Patient’s Name: Rithvik
  • Parent’s name (for children): Rajesh
  • Age and Gender: 3 Years, Male
  • Place: Hyderabad, Telangana

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Mild autism with development delay

Improvement after treatment: He is speaking, identifying giving eye contact 70% recovered

Patient’s Suggestions: You should have some physical exercise/activity videos also which will really help the patient to recover

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