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Dear brothers, sisters and parents,

We thank you and appreciate you for sharing your medical treatment experience given by Manushyaa Blossom MultiSpeciality Siddha Clinic. Your testimony information will be helpful for persons suffering from similar conditions / illness, students for academic research purposes and publications in scientific journal and magazines.

  • Patient’s Name: Rangasamy
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 76 Years
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Urine infection

Improvement after treatment: Totally clear now feels good

Patient’s Suggestions:

  • Patient’s Name: Flore Samoundisvary
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 56 Years, Female
  • Place: Ariankuppam, Puducherry

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Gastrointestinal problems Fatty liver Over weight 76 Pain throughout the body

Improvement after treatment: Weight reduced to 69kg Liver in good condition Good improvement in Gastrointestinal remedies My whole body pain has reduced 95./.

Patient’s Suggestions: I wanted to continue the medication for my diabetes according to doctor s advice.

  • Patient’s Name: Ashok Rodgi
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 54 Years, Male
  • Place: Bangalore, Karnataka

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Digestion problem

Improvement after treatment: After siddha medicine for 100 days treatment has cured all my digestion related issues slowly. And now I feel very good after food intake.

Patient’s Suggestions: Trust siddha medicine. It has no side effects and only better effects for your body and organs.

  • Patient’s Name: Suresh Nanjan
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 45 Years, Male
  • Place: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: I had been suffering from acute acidity conditions for more than 15 years and a meal never had been hearty to me as far as I could remember. However the conditions deteriorated over the years and I ended up with severe acute ulcers in my stomach and I hardly could eat anything at all, my weight started reducing and rashes were appearing on my mouth corner and under my lips. On August 2020, my health hit rock bottom I started getting back stool and any meal ended up as vomiting within few hours, suddenly one night I had severe blood vomit and ulcer wound like patches of things started coming out of my stomach and I passed out unconscious, later taken to the hospital, luckily for me it was Covid peak time and most private hospitals were occupied and I took emergency treatment at Coonoor GH. I had severe stomach pains and hardly could sleep. A good friend introduced me to Manushya Blossom and Shri Kavi and Dr. Anu over detailed telephone conversations and scan reports immediately was able to suggest me a few herbal remedies and diets which relieved me from the immediate pain, however he clearly pointed out to me that the remedy will take a few months to complete and assured me of total recovery if I follow the medicine regime which he very effectively formulated over the next few weeks and based on my recovery symptoms. Their effective treatment over the next following months changed my overall appetite and health. Though I was a believer in Siddha and our traditional medicine, my family and friends compelled me to consult allopathy as my condition was very severe and surgery would be the safest thing, however as my pain cramps were improving day by day , I got the confidence that the treatment from Manushya Blossom is really working and I wanted to give it a fair chance, a decision which I cherish till today .

Improvement after treatment: Its almost a year now as I write this review , I am taking only the Vallalar Churnam after meal, now my acidity conditions have completely vanished and I am very grateful to the team. As I already mentioned its been like a new lease of life to me, its been a very stressful 15 years I had to endure those acidity conditions right from my morning breakfast and most nights I had to vomit before sleep. I am now able to enjoy my every meal and never had a single acidity reflux since January 2021 . My appetite has increased considerably and my skin rashes are the things of the past.

Patient’s Suggestions: As a benefactor from the Manushya Blossom services , I would urge everyone to give Siddha medicine a chance as good health is the best gift you can give yourself and your near ones.

  • Patient’s Name: Bacttavatchalame
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 65 Years, Male
  • Place: Ariankuppam, Puducherry

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Facial paralises, urinary problems, hands shivering, fatty liver.

Improvement after treatment: Smart looking now, urinary problems cleared, shivering in control and stiffness in fingers have disappeared. Very happy for the improvement.

Patient’s Suggestions: Should consult the doctor for more health advice to continue the medication

  • Patient’s Name: Hemavathi Pethaperumal
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 32 Years, Female
  • Place: Delaware, USA

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Issues after gall bladder surgery and liver disorder.

Improvement after treatment: I am doing well now after my 6 yrs of struggle and pain. I am able to eat properly now and leading a normal and peaceful life after my treatment.

Patient’s Suggestions: I am completely satisfied and some more arrangements can be done for consultation and clearing our doubts for pepole living in other countries other than India.

  • Patient’s Name: D. Sudha
  • Parent’s name (for children): T.R.dinesh
  • Age and Gender: 49 Years, Female
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Urinary tract infection

Improvement after treatment: Completely cured by Manuahyaa Blossom

Patient’s Suggestions: Again I will come for weight reduction

  • Patient’s Name: Arul Thanigaivelu
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 44 Years, Male
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Cancer

Improvement after treatment: I have recovered from colon rectum cancer (Stage between 3 and 4) after getting Sidha treatment also very excellent improvement in immunity and digestion problems recovered.

Patient’s Suggestions: Will always suggest to take Sidha treatment process for all disorders.

  • Patient’s Name: Yatheswaran
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 47 Years
  • Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Hypertension and Covid 19

Improvement after treatment: Yes improvement after taking recommended medication from Manushyaa Blossom.

Patient’s Suggestions: Medication was found effective

  • Patient’s Name: Nilaxi
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 70 Years
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Neuroendocrine tumour near pancreas and metasisis in the liver

Improvement after treatment: It was a miracle , within one month of treatment reports were normal and there was no progress of tumour

Patient’s Suggestions: Siddha medicine is an ancient way to cure disease with reliable results ,it has no side-effects .I would recommend people to adopt such practices

  • Patient’s Name: Thiyagarajan
  • Parent’s name (for children): Venkatesh
  • Age and Gender: 22 Years, Male
  • Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Low platelet count (ITP)

Improvement after treatment: Suffered from this disease for the past 8 years and there is no accurate cure for this in allopathic treatment and i came to knw about Manushyaa Blossom, and i jus gave a try and they suggested for 2 cources of sidhdha medicine and i took it with full of confidence, unbelievably i completely recovered from the disease and for the past two years i don't even have a single issue and they just improved my immune system to the next level!

Patient’s Suggestions: I will recommend this hospital to my friends and families

  • Patient’s Name: Akshaya Ravikumar
  • Parent’s name (for children):
  • Age and Gender: 30 Years, Female
  • Place: Iyyappanthangal, Tamil Nadu

Medical issues / Diagnosis: Chocolate cyst in left ovary

Improvement after treatment: Cyst disappeared within 50 days of treatment instead of 100 days, and I got pregnant the next month itself

Patient’s Suggestions: Excellent treatment with no side effects what so ever

  • Quality

  • Result Oriented

  • Traditional

  • No Side Effects