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Autism Care for Healthy Society by Manushyaa Blossom Pharma Therapy

our strength

  • Scientifically Validated Siddha medicines for Global Acceptance.

  • Focused study on chronic and incurable diseases.

  • Nano-drug delivery mechanism.

  • Knowledge in the higher-order Siddha formulations.

  • Detail study on complex manufacturing processes for nano-medicines; nano-drug formulation and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Continuous research & development (R&D) in Siddha medicines, especially in nano-bio material synthesis, nano-nutrition, and nano-actions and for drug delivery.

Welcome to Manushyaa Blossom

Manushyaa Blossom is a bio nano technology pharma company (GMP) located at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, precisely following the scientific process defined by 18+ Siddhas ( Scientific community of Medivalian ages) in their 100's of Tamil classical medical literatures for the synthesis of Siddha nano bio formulations and herbo minerals formulations .

We care for the prosperity of the entire mankind and assist you in protecting your health and strengthen the immune system through the scientifically proven siddha nano products portfolio.

Along with the traditional process, we have introduced latest industrial infrastructure and analytical test facilities to support the production and quality control of our drugs.

  • Vision

    To utilize the tremendous potential of nano bio formulations in Siddha system of medicines to make the world healthy

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  • Mission

    To carry exploratory research in (AYUSH) Siddha medicine and bridge today's scientific practice using analytical instruments and clinical studies.

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  • Quality

  • Result Oriented

  • Traditional

  • No Side Effects

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