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About US

  • Manushyaa Blossom is a GMP certified pharma company (Indian Medicines) based in Tamilnadu, Indiaprecisely following the scientific process defined by 18+ Siddhas ( Scientific community of Medivalian ages) in their 100's of Tamil classical medical literatures for the synthesis of Siddha nano bio formulations and herbo minerals formulations .
  • We care for the prosperity of the entire mankind and assist you in protecting your health and strengthen the immune system through the scientifically proven siddha nano products portfolio.
  • Along with the traditional process, we have introduced latest industrial infrastructure and analytical test facilities to support the production and quality control of our drugs.
about us


  • To utilize the tremendous potential of nano bio formulations in Siddha system of medicines to make the world healthy


  • To carry exploratory research in (AYUSH) Siddha medicine and bridge today's scientific practice using analytical instruments and clinical studies.
  • To develop nano molecular robot having artificial intelligence.
  • To develop a mathematical model of human being and derive an empirical equation which connects the solar system and the physical body.
  • To discover the medicines in Tamil Siddha literature for unresolved health issues like Autism, Parkinson, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy etc.
  • To balance the men and women health using micro minerals to live a harmonized life.
  • To help women to maintain the hormonal balance.
  • To make the siddha medicine universal by education across the world.